ICT4EEDU is one of the five projects that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is funding through CIMO to support the capacity development of Eritrean Universities (HEI-ICI program).

This project started with joint preparations in 2014 with the visit of the Eritrean Higher Education delegation to Helsinki in 2014, and continued with the visit of the Finnish Higher Education Delegation to Eritrea. Dr. Andrés Moreno, senior researcher at the University of Eastern Finland and project coordinator, attended both events.

In the visit to Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT), the coordinator of the project set up the cooperation framework with his colleagues at EIT. An initial evaluation of the needs and strengths of the ICT center was done together with the ICT and Tele-Education Center director, Mr. Samuel Tewelde and the two assistants. It was followed by another visit to the College of Engineering, with Prof. Teklay Tesfazghi, Dean of the Engineering and Technology at EIT, and his assistant.

The networking component is vital for the development of the EIT’s ICT Center. To make sure that the ICT Center receives the best possible support, The School of Computing is partnering with UEF’s own ICT Center (TIPA) and with Aalto’s Department of Communications and Networking (COMNET) as a partner. Aalto’s Department of Communications and Networking has an excellent track in teaching and researching excellence in networking, specially wireless networking.

This project proposal has been created in synchronization with the Helsinki University Library project. Both projects are aware of each other and special care has been taken to plan trips and visits are so to make efficient use ICT Center human and technical resources.

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  1. abam says:

    it very nice idea ,that you are trying to help and develope the skills of the students which are graduating from EIT .making the Institute atractive alone would not be actually the only solution. But it can be a good jump to ward the future . the Situation there can be solved if the government himself try to enhance the awarness or the view of the whole Young Generation on Europe or the whole world.
    thank you for your partnershaft ….


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